Robert's Favorite Stories (and other things)

I collected stories over the years, choosing the ones that are well written and having one or more aspects that appeal to my kinks. Some stories, even though they met those tests, were not included, because I found elements that were too distasteful. Be warned though, some of the selections below are extreme and are not situations that I endorse nor would enjoy if done as they are described. Many contain items or situations that do not exisit or are impossible, and so in those cases suspension of belief may be needed to enjoy reading them. Having found the stories, I wanted to make sure they did not disappear, or become hard to find again. Before posting them here, I made changes in spelling and grammer, so they tend to have fewer issues than the originals, but that is not to say they could not be further improved by a more skilled editor. I typically do not to change the story, however. This collection is private, BTW. Please do not share the link to this page or the individual stories .

Abbie.pdf10/04/22 Story (42 pages): He is willing to try wearing her pony costume, to make her happy, but only for the five minutes she wants.
AbductionRevenge.pdf10/04/22 Story (107 pages): Rachael is abducted but eventually has her revenge on Brad.
AnnaAndTheCuffs.pdf10/04/22 Story (15 pages): He is tricked into bondage and captivity by his flatmate
BallShackleStory.pdf10/04/22 Story (17 pages): He is drugged and then collared on his balls
Basement.pdf10/04/22 Story ( 6 pages): He must earn his way out of the basement
BatteriesNotIncluded.pdf10/04/22 Story (40 pages): She locks herself in a steel shell, but forgets to install the batteries first
BeltOfTheFuture.pdf10/04/22 Story (13 pages): She puts on a high tech belt that is voice activated
CallOfTheCuffs.pdf10/04/22 Story (23 pages): She cannot resist the chance to put herself in handcuffs.
ChangeOfScene.pdf10/04/22 Story (346 pages): Best to avoid small mid-western towns. Otherwise, extreme bondage/pony play may befall you.
ChastityBeltTerror.pdf10/04/22 Story (39 pages): Once she locks herself in, she can be made to do most anything
ChastityBeltTrainingCenter.pdf10/04/22 Story (91 pages): Updated, links added. Daughters reopen their mother's center in the mountains
ClaireAndGary.pdf10/04/22 Story (21 pages): Be careful about revealing your fantasies
Coco.pdf10/04/22 Story (27 pages): He wanted an occasional Femdom experience, not a new life
ConsequencesOfDiscovery.pdf10/04/22 Story (27 pages): Extreme Chastity as punishment
ControlledLife.pdf10/04/22 Story (121 pages): Teamviewer is used to enslave
CoworkersCaptive.pdf10/04/22 Story (13 pages): He is seduced in bondage by a co-worker
Cross My Heart.pdf10/04/22 Story (88 pages): Forced cross dressing of her husband did not go well
DianTaylor.pdf10/04/22 Story (112 pages): Well written story of a woman's exploration of bondage, exhibitionism, humiliation, chastity and slavery
Dogs Vs Cats.pdf10/04/22 Humor ( 2 pages): The difference between dogs and cats
Double Or Nothing.pdf10/04/22 Story (93 pages): He is the victim of an elaborated trap forcing him into increasingly stringent pony boy bondage
DungeonMuseum.pdf10/04/22 Story (14 pages): While visiting a Museum, she wants to experience being a prisoner herself.
EscapeArtist.pdf10/04/22 Story (14 pages): He is accepts an escape challenge others were unable to solve
Escort.pdf10/04/22 Story (5 pages): He hires an escort hoping she can tie him as tight as he desires
ExtendedContract.pdf10/04/22 Story (20 pages): She finishes the automated dungeon software, now it needs to be tested
ExtremeTease.pdf10/04/22 Story (7 pages): The title says it all.
FemdomAtWork.pdf10/04/22 Story (51 pages): She uses her position in HR, to subjugate a willing male worker.
FirstDate.pdf10/04/22 Story (11 pages): He learns how important it is to follow instructions exactly
ForeverIsForever.pdf10/04/22 Story (13 pages): Permanent chastity, is what she decides for him.
FriendZone.pdf10/04/22 Story (19 pages): A winter storm and lack of rooms, forces friends to share a room. Even bondage fails to prevent sex between them.
FriendlyBind.pdf10/04/22 Story (6 pages): They both want out of the friend-zone; she tricks him using handcuffs to to get his attention.
GarageSale.pdf10/04/22 Story (19 pages): After he locks on the belt, she pretends to not have the key
GrandmasHouse.pdf10/04/22 Story (57 pages): Her inheritance includes a country house. She soon discovers her dead relative's kinky past.
GwenInTrouble.pdf10/04/22 Story (13 pages): Gwen explores some adult toys
Hannah.pdf10/04/22 Story (69 pages): Hannah quickly learns how to control him
HopeAndRegret.pdf10/04/22 Story (7 pages): Post Orgasm stimulation is much more intense than he expected
HostsOrdeal.pdf10/04/22 Story (88 pages): Robert's party is hijacked when Princess Eva gives him the scene of a lifetime.
HouseTraining.pdf10/04/22 Story (81 pages): A computerized house trains him in extreme cross dressing
Jess.pdf10/04/22 Story (33 pages): Tom introduces bondage to his flat mate, with her doing the tying.
JimsSurprise.pdf10/04/22 Story (44 pages): Pam wins a bet, Jim and his wife have to submit
Just Browsing.pdf10/04/22 Story (21 pages): Her curiosity about an adult store quickly lead to her enslavement
JustHisWayOfRelaxing.pdf10/04/22 Story (34 pages): His wife and housekeeper force him to live his fantasy
KatiesPlace.pdf10/04/22 Story (63 pages): Katie needs help after inheriting her Aunt's ProDomme business
KidnappedAndTricked.pdf10/04/22 Story (53 pages): It goes very wrong twice, for him
KinkyCoWorkers.pdf10/04/22 Story (32 pages): His bondage demonstration leads to him getting tied up himself
KittenTrap.pdf10/04/22 Story (9 pages): Curiosity captured the kitten, but she was not anxious to get free.
LackOfJudgement.pdf10/04/22 Story (23 pages): Locking him into an inescapible belt, is a very different experience than she expected.
Lady Justice.pdf10/04/22 Story (22 pages): An alternative system of criminal punishment based on sexual denial and edging
LanguageSchool.pdf10/04/22 Story (15 pages): He should have read the contract before signing
LauraCroft.pdf10/04/22 Story (168 pages): An ancient statue becomes her downfall
LaurasFemdomEmpowerment.pdf10/04/22 Story (98 pages): A college girl learns she has been dating the wrong men.
LeatherOrKnot.pdf10/04/22 Story (181 pages): He goes to work at a kinky toy store
LucyHoisted.pdf10/04/22 Story (115 pages): A delightful tale of a young lady discovering her love of bondage and restraint.
MoniquesProfession.pdf10/04/22 Story (12 pages): A promising relationship goes off track when he insists on knowing what she does at work.
My Ellie.pdf10/04/22 Story (21 pages): She under estimates her next victim.
MyCBstory.pdf10/04/22 Story (10 pages): Step by step, he becomes longer and longer locked up
My_Life_in_a_Cage.pdf10/04/22 Story (56 pages): He doubts her ability to make it more than a game.
New Neighbor.pdf10/04/22 Story (762 pages): A Femdom moves to the neighborhood, and slowly enslaves a local teenager. Very long and detailed.
NoHorse.pdf10/04/22 Humor ( 3 pages): The difference between men and women
OffRoadGoddess.pdf10/04/22 Story (90 pages): A well written story of Female Domination. He tries to back out, but she takes what she wants.
OneNightStand.pdf10/04/22 Story (12 pages): She secures a padlock to his balls for being unfaithful.
OperationForlorn.pdf10/04/22 Story (111 pages): Police go undercover to expose a human slavery network, with unexpected results.
Penitence.pdf10/04/22 Story (18 pages): He wants to atone and begin a new life. It was not the new life he expected
PermanentChastity.pdf10/04/22 Story (29 pages): Either Harry and his wife take turns wearing a high tech belt
PermanentChastity2.pdf10/04/22 Story (32 pages): A very different, more satisfying ending on the same story
RelativelyRestrained.pdf10/04/22 Story (82 pages): Her cousin tricks her into bondage and takes over
RemoteControl.pdf10/04/22 Story (10 pages): With the right hardware, she can keep him caged from anywhere.
Reunion.pdf10/04/22 Story (13 pages): The tease and denial session he thinks he wants, may be more than he can handle.
Romeos Regret.pdf10/04/22 Story (34 pages): Looking for a more intense experience, He agrees to be a ponyboy for 12 hours.
SamanthasCage.pdf10/04/22 Story (27 pages): A very dark story about Samantha chosing to spend time in a small cage.
SatisfactionGuaranteed.pdf10/04/22 Story (33 pages): After getting stuck in a self-bondage device, he contacts customer service for help
SchoolProject.pdf10/04/22 Story (61 pages): If you are into casing for total immobilization, you will enjoy this one
Secret In The Cellar.pdf10/04/22 Story (24 pages): The costume was not for Holloween afterall
SheGetsTheOneSheWanted.pdf10/04/22 Story (47 pages): She is determined to take control of a man she met as a teenager.
SheMeetsMeHalfWay.pdf10/04/22 Story (28 pages): Difficult self bondage becomes impossible to escape when his partner gets involved.
SilentStreet.pdf10/04/22 Story (22 pages): A model is tricked when a fetish audition includes strict, extended bondage.
SoftCell.pdf10/04/22 Story ( 6 pages): Her interest in a padded cell gets her confined within
SpiderAndHerFly.pdf10/04/22 Story (41 pages): Mark thinks he can control the situation, but is soon in way too deep for that.
StilettoTrap.htm10/04/22 Story ( 8 pages): She is trapped in high heel shoes
StoryOfT.pdf10/04/22 Story (111 pages): Long, well written, tale of a man shorted chained in a cell for life
SurpriseVisit.pdf10/04/22 Story (6 pages): Short tale about the start of a bondage weekend
SusansReturn.pdf10/04/22 Story (62 pages): After being kidnapped, the boys escape and turn the tables.
Switching.pdf10/04/22 Story (26 pages): She must dress the part to attend a kinky party and get her story.
Taken.pdf10/04/22 Story (25 pages): He is seduced and forced to become her slave
TakingFullControl.pdf10/04/22 Story (31 pages): A realistic account of the transistion to a chastity lifestyle while married
TeaseMyStressAway.pdf10/04/22 Story (17 pages): His wife teases and edges him for hours to relieve his work related stress
The Dog Mask.pdf10/04/22 Story (18 pages): He is tricked, and becomes lock in a dog suit. She plan to keep him wearing it.
The Pony Wish.pdf10/04/22 Story (71 pages): She wanted to experience being a pony-girl, but only part time, for fun
TheBet.pdf10/04/22 Story (11 pages): No way out of the higth tech belt she locks on him.
TheBitchyTease.pdf10/04/22 Story (34 pages): Five years is a very long time between orgasms
TheChair.pdf10/04/22 Story (29 pages): Her grandfather leaves her the bulk of his estate, there are surprises ahead.
TheInstallation.pdf10/04/22 Story ( 7 pages): He wants permanent chastity. He gets that and more
TheIsland.pdf10/04/22 Story (52 pages): He is brutally trained as a slave after cheating on his wife.
TheMachine.pdf10/04/22 Story (18 pages): He is tricked and locked into a fucking machine as punishment
TheModel.pdf10/04/22 Story ( 9 pages): He is either locked in chastity or a cold, dark cell
TheMysteryBelt.pdf10/04/22 Story (17 pages): Locked in a belt, he does not even know who holds the keys
TheNerdAndTheCheerleader.pdf10/04/22 Story (11 pages): If only real life was like that growing up.
TheSuit.pdf10/04/22 Story (232 pages): She wakes up after a night of partying, and finds herself wearing a non-removeable garment
TheTerribleTubes.pdf10/04/22 Story (12 pages): A more extreme chastity device is installed on two men.
TheVisit.pdf10/04/22 Story (11 pages): Two hours with limits was what he signed up for, but that was not what happened.
TightSpot.pdf10/04/22 Story (13 pages): She should have not opened her room mate's suitcase.
TooQuickToClick.pdf10/04/22 Story (66 pages): A ProDom locks on a belt that she cannot unlock
TopSecret.pdf10/04/22 Story ( 9 pages): She imposes unusual security measures at the top secret site
TrappingRats.pdf10/04/22 Story (16 pages): No rats are trapped in this story.
UnexpectedDiscovery.pdf10/04/22 Story (13 pages): Tim becomes wealthy and hires a Domme to fullfill his ultimate fantasy
UnintentionalContract.pdf10/04/22 Story (21 pages): The helpful locksmith becomes her keyholder
Violet Lovedoll.pdf10/04/22 Story (154 pages): After kidnapping, extreme bondage, endless denial, magic, and futuristic toys, her fantasy becomes her reality
Volunteers.pdf10/04/22 Story (20 pages): Pippa and Carrie become trapped in devices they ordered
WeightLossProgram.pdf10/04/22 Story (52 pages): He failed to read the contract carefully.
WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong.pdf10/04/22 Story (40 pages): Her self bondage leads to unexpected results.
HiredHelp.pdf10/13/22 Story (194 pages): New Edits: She likes her new job as a housekeeper, despite the unusual requirments
Just Once A Month.pdf09/12/23 Story (69 pages): Wife forces her husband and his girlfriend to begin pony training as revenge for cheating.
Making The Perfect Husband.pdf09/17/23 Story (80 pages): Using tricks and manipulation, his wife molds him into becoming her slave.
What Are Friends For.pdf09/18/23 Story (19 pages): He finally receives the intensity he craves but who is tormenting him.
Girlfriend to Femdom Wife.pdf02/09/24 Story (80 pages): Updated, new chapters. He confesses his darkest fantasies, and she agrees to turn them into his reality
HerPrisoner.pdf10/04/22 Story Collection: Ten stories of Female Domination
UnderHerLockAndKey.pdf10/04/22 Story Collection: Eleven stories of Female Domination
FemaleBoxer.gif10/04/22 Video: Motion GIF of a woman using a man's balls for boxing practice.
CylinderClamp8.pdf10/04/22 Drawing: A 3D printed KTB version 1
KTB2.pdf10/04/22 Drawing: A 3D printed KTB version 2 male chastity device
MetricHolderDrawing.pdf10/04/22 Drawing: A 3D printed cock stock
Plug.pdf10/04/22 Drawing: A 3D printed Dildo
eStimAdapters.jpg10/04/22 Drawing: Recommended adapters for eStim usage
ExtendedSession.pdf10/04/22 Script: A sample script for a weekend of submission.